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What we don't know about Christmas lights isn't worth knowing!  We've been installing Christmas lights for over 10 years so we know exactly what makes a great product. Now that product is available to you. Our Christmas lights are only available from this online store and our prices cannot be beaten.

Choose from a great selection of energy saving LED Christmas lights, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We also have a choice of budget Christmas lights and our professional connectable brand, allowing you, the customer, to choose your Christmas lights to suit your budget.

Choose from the Christmas light category list on the left with a choice of fairy lights, icicle lights and roofline lights. Enjoy and save money!


About our LED Christmas lights
You’ll have read in the press and seen in the shops that LED lights are the way forward but do you actually know why? Do most people even know what an LED light is?

95% of Christmas lights on this site are LED as we slowly phase out the old incandescent filament lights that have been sold since the invention of fairy lights. That’s because of the fantastic benefits that LED Christmas lights bring.


LED Christmas lights use a lot less energy then the old filament type. Consuming less energy is good for your carbon footprint.  If every home in the UK swapped their regular filament lights for LED we’ve calculated that every Christmas the UK would save 1.7million tonnes of carbon emissions!

About five years ago when LED lights took the market by storm, they were quite expensive. A ten metre box with 100 bulbs would have been around £50. Like any product, when they become mainstream and are mass produced the price comes down. Nowadays LED lights are only about 20% more expensive than regular filament lights.  With a 90% reduction in running costs LED lights save you money big time!  On each of our Indoor and Outdoor Christmas lighting products you will see a cost per week running cost, so you can see exactly what you’ll be paying to run them.  We had to do it by the week as the price per day was in too small a fraction of a penny for anyone to understand!
Here is a comparison chart to show you the savings when lights are on for 8 hours a day for six weeks
Product LED Lights Regular You Save
String lights 10metres 100 bulbs 56p £5.80 £4.24
Icicle lights 10metres 380 bulbs £2.10 £24.00 £21.90
Indoor Christmas tree lights 300 bulbs £1.50 £17.00 £15.50

These tough little buggers are an aluminium diode encased in clear resin and are pretty much indestructible. You’ll never have to replace a bulb, because if one goes out the rest stay on.  The cable on our outdoor LED Christmas lights is made from rubber and they are all double insulated.  This makes them tough to all weathers.  These lights are so durable that you can put them in a tree and leave them there for many years without having to worry about them working or not, when you come to switch on next Christmas.

Regular filament lights used to have a short life span because a filament only lasts so long before it will burn out.  Filaments were also easily damaged by vibration, so just getting them out and putting them away again could have an impact on their lifetime.  LED’s aren’t affected by this.  The high quality diode that emits the light is safely protected inside a sold clear resin bulb which is shrink wrapped to the cable.  LED’s simply don’t burn out.  LED products should last up to 10 years.

Using regular filament can be dangerous, especially for those of you who have a real Christmas tree. Think about it, as your tree dries out towards the end of the Christmas period, your regular filament lights are getting warmer and warmer. As a few bulbs fail the voltage passing through  the remaining bulbs is increase. This is potentially very dangerous.  LED’s low energy requirement means that they never overheat.  In fact they don’t even get warm.  This makes them a far superior choice for decorating your inside Christmas tree.

Because of the low energy consumption of LED Christmas lights, this allows for multiple set of lights to be connected together. Furthermore, our connectable system allows for multiple products to be added together all from one plug.  Gone are the days of having a 6 way multi-plug under your tree!  This image shows the exterior of a house with a roofline and midline lit with E27 bulbs, a wreath in the apex, a garland around the doorway and topiary and shrubs with fairy lights in them.  All products are LED and they all run from one plug.  Hey guess what? All the lights on this house only cost £1.19 a day to run!

You know an LED Christmas light when you see one.  Considering they are so low on energy usage, these little gems can’t half shine!  They glow typically three times brighter than your traditional filament Christmas fairy lights. Their light is actually emitted directionally which means that and tree, bush or shrub which is doused in outdoor LED string lights has a varied appearance of lights making it look extra magical.